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Unveiling My 2023 Facebook Finds Journey

Dear friend,

I am thrilled to share my journey of incredible Facebook Finds of 2023. Buckle up as I jump in the little red wagon (my Dad's red Chevy truck) and head out in search of vintage decor from the enchanting world of Facebook Marketplace. I think each piece I find is special. It is not modern day mass produced. The craftsmanship and quality are worth every penny in my pocketbook.

The Mohair Victorian Couch

One of my most treasured finds has to be the special mohair Victorian couch that seems to transcended time itself. The previous owners also own an old home and to my lucky didn't have the room for this sofa as they prepared for a major renovation of their 1800s home. It had been their family for three generations. The plush mohair upholstery and intricately carved wooden legs whisper tales of family conversations and afternoon teas. It is a special piece. The design on the cushions is gorgeous. I would love it reproduced for further design elsewhere at Green Gables.

Warming Up to the Past: The Victorian Fireplace

Our current fireplace on the farm is in need of a mantle. One night I was scrolling Facebook Marketplace and this $50 Victorian fireplace caught my eye. This timeless piece was a total steal. It is solid oak. An ornate detailed strip does need to be adhere back in place. My parents picked it up for me and delivered in the little red wagon. It's amazing how a single find can redefine the entire atmosphere of a space. This mantle elevates the room. While I haven't firmly secured it to the wall yet, I have big plans for this piece.

Rare Victorian Tile

In the intricate world of old tiles, I stumbled upon a Facebook listing for old Victorian tiles. I thought - I have a mantle.. how about tiles! The brown and cream hues caught my eye. The intricate patterns and the warm, earthy tones resonated with my love for timeless aesthetics.

Elevating the Upstairs Bedroom

My last treasure trove from Facebook promises to be a showstopper. Behold a late 1800s wood wardrobe. I bought it for $200. Its sturdy craftsmanship, ornate details, and the patina are perfect. What sets this wood wardrobe apart is its ability to seamlessly fit with the look and feel of my house. It is currently in the barn, however this year I plan to move it into the upstairs bedroom. There is only a small closet in our upstairs bedroom.

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