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Tulip Time

Updated: May 20, 2023

Escape to Holland, Michigan!

Experience the charm of Holland without traveling all the way to the Netherlands. In addition to all the history and local culture, Holland is rooted alongside Lake Michigan. It has a lot to offer. I took a three day journey there with my dear friend, Brigette.

Here are my 3 top must do experiences if you are planning to visit Tulip Time.

This 36 acre island is in the heart of Holland. There is a historic windmill 'de Zwaan' on site and it is surrounded by hundreds of rows of tulips during the tulip season. The mill still turns grain and is open for tours. This is a great spot to take pictures. You can also buy tulips on-site. They ship to your house in the fall.

I enjoyed learning the history and story behind the bell-shaped flowers from this exhibit. I admit, I knew dutch culture was tied to Tulips, however, not the complete story. This garden was the first stop on our trip. It really set the tone for the remaining days. The immersion garden was just outside of downtown. It felt like I was in an outdoor garden museum. There were several fixtures which detailed the tulip journey to Amsterdam and subsequently to Holland, Michigan. The Immersion Garden is not in walking distance. You do have to drive to get there. The tulips are potted at ankle, waist, and shoulder level in ornately designed arranged boxes and shapes. I loved the different designs. There was also a gift shop with little trinkets for purchase.

3. Shopping on 8th Street

In the heart of downtown Holland. 8th street is a mixture of national brands, local boutiques, and delicious eats. This is where most of the tourists are too! There was one shop in particular, I just loved! Gezellig Home. There were plants, jewelry, cards, and unique pieces. It lives up to its name.

A place that's warm and inviting, or a gathering that's welcoming and fun.

Brigette and I walked up and down the street several times, before stopping for a refreshing drink and bite to eat at the New Holland Brewery. I recommend the hot pretzel with a cool cocktail.

One of my favorite finds was this vintage tulip door stop at an antique store down from Gezellig. It has the right patina and is a perfect keepsake from my trip.

Til next time Holland!

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