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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hi! It is Anastasia but most people just call me Annie.

I am a writer, journalist, and marketing guru by trade. Welcome to The Post. It is my story club all about my farm; Green Gables.

In the fall of 2021, my husband and I bought this beautifully deteriorating farm in Southeastern Michigan. The history that abounds is simply thrilling. We had been searching for a property that would meet our "checklist". I love vintage, traditional style homes even the ones on the side of the road falling into ruin. Dan not so much.

This farm has a story to share.

You may be perfectly content in the lovely suburbs or in the city, however my soul craves the countryside. At Green Gables, we are surrounded by the most dreamiest terrain. Fields surround the green farmhouse and to the north you see the wildly winding River Raisin.

My goal with This Post is to share the happenings and transformations around the farm and surrounding countryside, just as Lucy M. Montgomery shared about her beloved Prince Edward Island.

I love many a topic, including flowers, design, literature, baking, cooking, and fashion. Say a hello below. I would love to know you are here for a good story.

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