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My Spring Reading List

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

How do green thumbs handle winter? We read and dream in garden books.

What genre of books are you drawn to?

I love many different topics from fiction to biography. Here are my three top books I am reading right now for spring.

Top 3:

Garden Maker by Christie Purifoy

Christie has such a way with words. She describes each flower with such perfect prose. I am very inspired by her farm. I enjoyed learning what she is planting at the Black Barn Garden Club.

Flowers Forever by Bex Partridge

I believe Bex and I would be the best of friends. She shares her journey of creating beautiful floral displays. I highly recommend if you wish to extend the life of your fresh flowers.

Foolproof Picnic by Marina Flippelli

This book was such a delight. I am already dreaming up many picnics at the farm this summer. This little gem of a book will help plan out the delicious dishes. If you love to picnic, like me, you will definitely want to pick up this book.

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