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The Delights of a New-Old Chair

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Do you scroll through Facebook Marketplace on a weekly basis? Me too. Guilty as charged. I find the most exquisite pieces waiting to be sold. This is how I discovered two sweet chairs waiting to be well loved.

"FREE victorian chairs"

That was the subject line. Message sent. Time and date for pick up scheduled.

I drove to the specific location and loaded both chairs into the back of my pickup truck and brought them home to farm.

I knew I wanted to reupholster both seats in velvet.

In a mass produced word, it feels good to be restoring old pieces and making them new again.

Pinterest has recently said searches for vintage interiors and "hipstroic" homes have risen by 850%. Ebay says the same with its site reporting a rush of people shopping for second-hand furniture.

A new green velvet coat for both and these old well-worn channel back chairs are transformed into beautiful gems. Upon a recommendation, I transported both chairs to 1001 Fabrics in Fenton.

Each chair cost around $475 to be upholstered, a price that includes both material and labor.

What do you think of the transformation?

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